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Question and answer
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Article "VARIETY hardeners"
Question and answer
For motorists!
New baggers
Question and answer
Please note!
New baggers
Question and answer
For motorists!
Happy Holidays!
Question and answer
Pay attention!
For builders!
Notes of restorer
What is a "cold welding"?

About quality of the concrete
For motorists!

Question and answer
New production
Question and answer
And again on anaerobes!
Question and answer
For skilled craftsmen!
For inquisitive!
Question and answer
Resins and hardeners
Hydrophobing agent
Happy Victory Day!
Attention! The producer price!
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Of epoxy resins
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For mechanics!
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Adhesive sealant ADHESION MS55, 290 ml
Adhesive sealant ADHESION MS55, 290 ml
11.46 руб.
Silicone rollforming compound SDS
Silicone rollforming compound SDS
204720.00 руб.
Rubber SKT
Rubber SKT
202728.00 руб.
Glue ECA-RT, 50 g
Glue ECA-RT, 50 g
366666.00 руб.

141000.00 руб.
Polychloroprene glue 88 NP
Polychloroprene glue 88 NP
69396.00 руб.
New Products For October more

Glue Spantan -1K
109800.00 руб.

Glue BF-6
122100.00 руб.

Aerosil-200 silica
334584.00 руб.

Compound ETAL-Optik
349200.00 руб.

Polyester PDA-800u
73092.00 руб.

Polyester P-211
0.00 руб.
Question and answer- 27 April 2016 Viewed:138
Question: What is possible to use for coloring of epoxy resins in different colors?
[Read More]
Question and answer- 27 April 2016 Viewed:137
What the glue can be used for mounting fiberglass parts onto a concrete surface and gluing of steel letters to the granite / marble tiles? The requirement - quick-setting and weather resistance.
[Read More]
About prices- 16 March 2016 Viewed:236
Dear buyers! Manufacturer of rubber products "KZSK" boosted price of goods up to 50%. We hope on your understanding.
[Read More]
Please note!- 15 March 2016 Viewed:253
For sale is a glue Leikonat the price 4045680 rubles/kg with VAT. Standard packing of 5.5 kg.
[Read More]
Article "VARIETY hardeners"- 19 February 2016 Viewed:239
The heading "Articles" subheading "Interesting information" supplemented by article "VARIETY Hardeners".
[Read More]
Question and answer- 18 February 2016 Viewed:253
Question: What is the difference of using products Etal-370 (Etal-247) and Etal-1440N for manufacturing products fiberglass plastics, for example, boats?
[Read More]
For motorists!- 28 January 2016 Viewed:271
Replenish assortment of materials glass bonding vehicles sealant ADHESION MS60, 290 ml of polymer-based (hybrid).
A feature of this glue is:
- High performance indicators;
- Bonding without primer.
[Read More]
New baggers- 27 January 2016 Viewed:221
Gone on sale Glue-compound repair and refurbishment Anaterm-204 "cold welding" small packing 21 grams at the price 119 964 rubles / pcs.
[Read More]
Discounts- 18 January 2016 Viewed:227
LLC "Adhezia" announces the start of shares at price reductions for the products available in stock, at wholesale and small wholesale purchases.
[Read More]
Question and answer- 27 November 2015 Viewed:266
Question: Which adhesive for bonding porcelain stoneware can be used when applied with a hand gun?
[Read More]
Please note!- 28 October 2015 Viewed:256
Silicone rubber SKT is commercially available prepacking of 1 to 40 kg.
[Read More]
Question and answer- 06 August 2015 Viewed:364
Question Please advise what products can be used for antiadhesive coating formulations to form of the baking industry?
[Read More]
For motorists!- 11 July 2015 Viewed:376
Please note that the sale is a glass bonding adhesive for vehicles, primer and alcoholic cleaner.
[Read More]
Question and answer- 19 May 2015 Viewed:446
Question: Can you please tell, what to do if the concrete "weak" and bulk floor need to do?
[Read More]
Pay attention!- 11 May 2015 Viewed:491
On sale there are Polyurethane Sealants brand ADHESION PU, as well as hybrid glues mark ADHESION MS, including mounting adhesive ADHESION MS Super.
[Read More]
For builders!- 27 March 2015 Viewed:478
ATTENTION BUILDERS! Ltd. "Adhesion" offers mastics and sealants, polyurethane, Thiokol (polysulfide), silicone sealants (silicone) in buckets, sausages and tubes, including permeable sealer, water-repellent liquid GKJ-11BSP, latex DVHB-70, copolymer BMK-5, resins , self-leveling floors and others. We will help you solve problems with waterproofing, insulation, thermal insulation, protection against aggressive environments (acid, alkali, oil, gasoline, sewage sludge, waste-breeding complexes et al.), to give hydrophobic, anti-static and fungicidal properties of materials your buildings.
[Read More]
Notes of restorer- 13 March 2015 Viewed:484
Rubric "All articles" subdivision "Application materials" supplemented article "Notes restorer."
[Read More]
What is a "cold welding"?- 25 February 2015 Viewed:584
Glues-compound Anaterm such as "cold welding" so named not by chance, because the compound materials in such a way to force the clutch is practically equal to the use of the welding machine.
[Read More]
About quality of the concrete- 03 February 2015 Viewed:555
About quality of the concrete
[Read More]
For motorists!- 10 January 2015 Viewed:575
To motorists in inclement weather with not solid ground will always help rugs against towing (2 pcs.). High quality rugs (mats) withstand different machines.
[Read More]
Question and answer- 09 December 2014 Viewed:563
Question: Whether it is possible buy you sealant 51-G-13 (or its modification) or an analogue of this material?
[Read More]
New production- 09 December 2014 Viewed:565
Went on sale cyanoacrylate glue instant bonding ECA-RT. Packing 50 and 100 g.
[Read More]
Question and answer- 29 September 2014 Viewed:623
Question: Can take you buy alcohol-soluble and water-soluble polyesters?
[Read More]
And again on anaerobes!- 16 September 2014 Viewed:680
[Read More]
Question and answer- 15 August 2014 Viewed:669
Question: Which adhesive sealant can be used for bonding rubber to metal (steel), working in the medium alcohol solution (printing ink)?
[Read More]
For skilled craftsmen!- 09 August 2014 Viewed:912
[Read More]
For inquisitive!- 05 August 2014 Viewed:544
We recommend you to visit the section "All articles"
[Read More]
Question and answer- 22 June 2014 Viewed:594
[Read More]
Resins and hardeners- 30 May 2014 Viewed:739
You can buy our resin and hardener in a wide range of solutions for industrial tasks and home use.
[Read More]
Hydrophobing agent- 18 May 2014 Viewed:850
With the wishes of buyers in sale-repellent liquid GKJ-11 BSP prepacking 10 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg.
[Read More]
Attention! The producer price!- 22 April 2014 Viewed:829
As OFFICIAL DEALER offer from a warehouse in Minsk vast range of anaerobic sealants and glue Anaterm and Unigerm and UV-curing glue QUANTUM-401 at producer prices
[Read More]
Attention! ACTION!- 18 April 2014 Viewed:800
Each buyer when purchasing molding compound SDS
in an amount of 5 kg of a 10% discount,
in an amount of 10 kg will receive a discount of more than 15%.

Enjoy your shopping.
[Read More]
Of epoxy resins- 14 March 2014 Viewed:901
Rubric "All articles" subheading "Application Materials" replenished article "Epoxy Resins", which tells about the chemistry of these products.
[Read More]
For mechanics!- 03 January 2014 Viewed:905
Anaerobic sealant Unigerm-2M is applied for pressurizing and locking threaded, flanged, cylindrical and flat joints at low temperatures, which also has heat resistance, chemical (acid, alkali, oil, gasoline, gas, etc.), resistance to the vibration and impact, protects from galvanic corrosion (works as an insulator) and makes longer the lifetime of the connection.
[Read More]
Disinfectants- 09 December 2013 Viewed:972
[Read More]
We pay Your attention!- 19 November 2013 Viewed:779
We offer a mixture of rubber (raw rubber) in a wide range - more than 700 species of!, including aeronautical, maslobenzostojkie, wear-resistant, with dielectric properties that allow contact with food, etc.

We accept orders for rubber profiles, plates (vulcanized and unvulcanized), mats, washers, etc., including calendered rubber mixtures of different thickness, porous rubber (sponge),

and collapsible rubber coating against injury.
[Read More]
New articles- 24 September 2013 Viewed:3776
Under the heading "All articles" subheading "Interesting facts" has replenished with new articles: "Conversion of units of pressure", "Normal conditions (STP). What is it?", "Hazard classes and MPCs".
[Read More]
Special products- 19 September 2013 Viewed:895
We offer specific chemical products: Acrylic copolymer BMK-5 (film former) Product SDKO (thermal stabilizer), Catalysts, Colloxylin lacquered, etc.

With the description of the products can be found under the heading "Other chemicals" subheading "Specific products" and "Catalysts".
[Read More]
Question and answer- 30 August 2013 Viewed:935
Question : Can we buy a liquid gasket?

Answer: Yes. As the liquid gasket are used anaerobic sealants and silicone (silicon), for example an anaerobic sealant Anaterm-505 (200 g), the sealant MaxSil SA1011 (70 g) Avtogermetik-gasket (60 g and 180 g) Avtogermesil (160 g) compound KLT-30 (230 g), etc.
[Read More]
New packaging mastic- 26 August 2013 Viewed:903
Went on sale Mastic polysulfide AM-05K prepacking of 18 kg and 30 kg. 

A detailed description of the mastic can be found under the heading "For the construction "For building" subheading "Mastics and sealants thiokol (polysulfide)."
[Read More]
New packaging- 23 August 2013 Viewed:1086
On sale silicone sealant professional MaxSil 3311 black cartouches in 310 g.

A detailed description of the sealant can be found under the heading "mastics and sealants" subheading "Silicone sealants."
[Read More]
Рroduct Innovations- 15 August 2013 Viewed:1045
We offer Glue BK-3, BK-9 and other adhesive products in stock and on order.

A detailed description of Glue BK-3 and BK-9 can be found under the heading "Glues" subheading "Glues synthetic, the mixed, etc."
[Read More]
- 08 August 2013 Viewed:1061
For proper selection of sealant or glue provide information on the rules translation sizes from Inch into the metric units of measurement of torque and strength of.

See the section "Articles" subheading "interesting information."

Saying: Who is competent, he will not get lost.
[Read More]
Silicone fluids- 08 August 2013 Viewed:984
With the wishes of the customer on sale dietilpolisiloksanovye liquids (polyethylsiloxane) PES-3, PES-5 and 132-24 in cans of 10 kg.
[Read More]
In sale thermal resistant anaerobe!- 07 August 2013 Viewed:919
In sale the anaerobic sealant high chemical and thermal stability Anaterm - 117 rapid curing. Able to withstand temperatures up to 300oC. In addition, possesses high shear strength when unscrewing. The sealant is cured without the use of an activator. Packing '50.

A detailed description of the sealant Anaterm-117 can be found under the heading "Anaerobic sealants and adhesives."
[Read More]
Newly award- 17 May 2013 Viewed:966
We draw the attention of consumers!According to the results of the All-Russian contest "100 best goods of Russia" Silicone Sealant MAXSIL "sanitary" TU 5772-083-05766764-2010 awarded Diploma and was awarded the title of "New Product of the Year" (2011).
Silicone sealant MAXSIL "Sanitary"
[Read More]
We draw the attention of builders!- 20 April 2013 Viewed:870
We have in the sale of mastics and sealants thiokol (polysulfide), mastic polyurethane, silicone sealants (silicone-organic) in sausages and cartouches, including vapour permeable, water-repellent fluid GKZ-11BCP, latex DVXB-70, etc.

We will help you to solve problems with waterproofing, sound insulation, heat insulation, protection from aggressive environments (acids, alkali, oil, gas, sewage plums, etc.), give water-repellent, anti-static and fungicidal properties of the materials of your buildings.

With detailed product descriptions and instructions on the application You can find in the rubric "For construction".
Products for the construction: mastics, sealants, water-repellent fluid, latex - materials for the walls, floors, roofs, foundations, etc.
[Read More]
"Fresh" arrival of goods- 21 March 2013 Viewed:1325
Already on sale adhesive with a constant stickiness Latakril BM-M.

See the section "Glues" the subcategory "Acrylic Glues" - "Glues acrylic water-dispersed".
[Read More]
Special products!- 20 March 2013 Viewed:1195
On sale there is a silicone varnish Siloterm-32 RESISTANT with good electrical insulating and anti-corrosion properties, resistance to aggressive media, mould, fungus, etc.

[Read More]
Sale by retail- 06 July 2012 Viewed:1999
To buy products in retail you can in shops:

- "Auto parts" (PTUE "KamoraTorg") at the address: str. Minsk, pr. Pushkin, d.41, komn .1a (metro station "Pushkinskaya", area Prytytski), tel. 202 58 82;

- "StroyMaster" (PUE "Pusty") at the address: str. Nesvizh, Minsk region., str. Belarusian, 3 (Central square), tel. +(375 1770) 5 52 91, 5 37 33, 5 58 63.

To clarify the availability of products in stores and order the necessary products can be the above telephone.

A pleasant shopping.
[Read More]
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Featured products more
Glue ECA-RT, 50 g
Glue ECA-RT, 50 g
366666.00 руб.
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